The WJ POWER #gas engines (HMG) are characterized by their high efficiency, reliability and durability. They are available in a powerful version and are suitable for #cogeneration plants in the power range from 20 kW to 250 kW. WJ POWER HMG gas engines are the perfect choice for any situation where reliable performance and power are needed.

Our HMG engines work with a wide variety of fuels. These include natural gas, biogas, wood gas as well as synthetic gases. We already offer the option of adding up to 20% hydrogen (“hydrogen ready”). In addition, our gas engines require very little maintenance and have a long service life.

The smallest #HMG currently available is the HMG 320 S. It is suitable for use in combined heat and power plants (CHP) and for gas gensets. The HMG 320 S gas engine has an output of 38 kW and an overall efficiency of up to 90%.

Depending on the needs, WJ POWER gas engines can be adapted. This includes expanding the power output – thanks to their scalability, they can be easily tailored to a wide range of requirements. The HMG 660 gas engine with up to #250kW is the latest product innovation to expand our portfolio in the more powerful power range.

Gas engines from WJ POWER are perfectly suited for use in combined heat and power plants (CHP). Due to their small footprint and simple installation, they can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.

WJ POWER gas engines are “made in Germany” and are produced according to the highest quality standards. Would you like to know more? Then we look forward to hearing from you!
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